5 Injuries Commonly Reported to Workers Comp

  • Posted on: Dec 23 2021
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During the evaluation of injury claims made through workers comp, one must keep in mind that the worker’s comp insurance is purchased by the employer through a variety of insurance providers. After a claim is approved by the insurance company, they then begin to pay benefits to the employee.

Although this is the case most of the time, states create individual plans for worker´s comp that are used for regulating purposes, employee safety, and dispute resolution.  It is for this reason that a lot of information concerning injuries takes place over a multitude of institutions.

In a 2020 report by the IJERPH, it was discovered that there were 5 main injuries that were reported to worker´s comp. These involved:

  • A strain
  • A Contusion
  • A laceration
  • A sprain
  • A puncture

Below, we explain the top injuries reported to worker´s comp.

A Strain

When an individual experiences a strain, it is due to the muscle or tendon being overly stretched or tears. The majority of strain injury is caused by performing repetitive motions while working such as pulling, pushing, or lifting objects that weight a lot.

A Contusion

A contusion is the medical term for a bruise that results from any body part getting hit hard. Although a bruise is not considered to be a major injury or having much significance, it does have the possibility to cause a substantial amount of pain- For a bruise that becomes associated with swelling may be a sign of an issue that is more severe in nature.

A Laceration

When a laceration happens while working, it is usually caused by an employee handling the wrong type of tool or having no knowledge of how to handle the use of the tool. Any machine tools that have exposed blades or protective parts may also cause a laceration. By ensuring that lighting is good, you will decrease your chances for lacerations.

A Sprain

Equal to a strain injury, the sprain also happens due to overstretching or tearing of a ligament. Sprains are also the result of repetition and manipulating objects of significant weight. The individual may also experience a sprain if they become uncoordinated in their actions.

A Puncture

Employees can experience a puncture injury as they handle tools that are sharp. Some examples include scissors, knives, working on surfaces that are splintered, nails, or glass. Dull items or even shards made from glass or metal can put an employee at risk for a puncture would to occur.


Having an idea of what injuries are reported the most to worker´s comp can help an employer instill ways to make a work environment safer. To get a better idea of what you can expect from reporting an injury to worker´s comp, contact us today and we will be happy to assist.

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