Ride-Sharing Services and Auto Accidents: What You Need to Know

  • Posted on: Feb 26 2021
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Ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft are very convenient and affordable, and many people use them every day. But what happens if your driver gets in an auto accident while you’re a passenger? If you’ve been in such an accident, you need to know what to do to ensure that you receive the compensation you’re due, especially if you were injured.

The Service Has Liability Insurance

While your driver will have their own auto insurance, the ride-sharing service will also insure them through its own policy. This means if the driver’s insurance won’t pay for your injuries, the company’s insurance might. However, the service’s insurance doesn’t always apply. For example, if you are friends with an Uber driver and they are giving you a ride as a friend, Uber’s insurance won’t cover you. The driver has to be working for the service, and you have to be a paying passenger in order to be covered.

You Need to Call the Ride-Share Company as Soon as You Can

You need to call the ride-sharing company as soon as you can after the accident. In fact, call them at the site of the accident if you possibly can. Yes, your driver is likely required to call, too, but you need to make a separate call as the passenger. Be certain to get the name of the person who answers and give them your contact information.

Remember, however, that these representatives are also looking out for the service, so don’t say anything that could hurt your case. If they ask if you are injured, for example, don’t say no. Instead tell them that you need to be examined by a medical expert before you can answer. If you say no, they may try to deny compensation for any injuries you have.

These Cases Are Complicated

Ride-share cases are complicated, especially since they typically revolve around divided responsibility. This means that the driver may pay some of the damages, but the service may pay, too. Of course, both may try to avoid taking on any of the blame. One way to ensure you get the compensation you’re due is by having a medical expert who is familiar with auto accidents examine you. The team here at Maximum Orthopedics is made up of such experts. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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