The Biggest Workers Comp Settlement

  • Posted on: Sep 27 2022
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A workers´ compensation settlement case can range between a big amount or a small amount that is dependent upon the injury. Of course, when the injury is not significant, then the claimant can expect a small settlement. But when the injury is significant, then the settlement amount could reach into the millions.

Currently, the most that a workers´ comp settlement has been is $10 million, which took place in 2017. The circumstances surround an employee in California who incurred a car accident while driving home late at night after work. The accident caused the individual to sustain a brain injury that took a huge toll on her life, which she would never fully recover from.

The state of California recognized it to be a workers´ comp case due to the fact that her job required her to complete a project that was completed after working hours.

These types of occurrences happen a lot more than what many realize. It may be a surprise as to who is ultimately responsible if an accident like this took place. However, when you have an experienced attorney, figuring out who is liable can be an easy undertaking, which can allow you to be a good candidate for compensation.

When Exceptions Exist

For workers´ comp to pay a settlement, the injury needs to take place while working and be work-related. This means the employee needs to be providing a service to the employer at the time of injury. This does not normally cover when a commute is taking place. Regardless, the injury that occured was due to a project that required the individual to stay late and finish. Due to the circumstances leading up to the accident, the appeal board for workers´ comp allowed the accident and its circumstances to be valid for compensation.

What Entails a Case For Workers´ Compensation

When it comes to workers´ comp, the insurance provider that covers the employer is liable to pay all claims and benefits for workers´ comp. When a settlement is reached, it is to end the legalities in exchange of a monetary amount that is agreed to. The settlement is normally a lump sum that is representative of the amount of medical expenses that can be expected. When the cash settlement is obtained, then the case is closed indefinitely. This is why it is important to have the most experienced attorney working for you so that you reach the highest amount for your injury.

Amount Of Settlement May Vary

As we mentioned, the amount of a settlement may vary and is based heavily on the circumstances and injury type. The $10 million settlement is the biggest workers´ comp settlement to date. Although every cash amount will be different, your attorney can attempt to get the highest amount possible.


When you give us a call today, we will explain the process of representing you for your workers´ comp claim and what to expect. We will explain the various injuries that can be compensable as well as what their amount could be. So give us a call now to get started.

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