Avoid a workers comp scam on social media

  • Posted on: Jul 17 2022
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If you have always had a dream of being awarded with a big amount of money from workers compensation, then chances are a scammer will be on the hunt for you. This would be the case if you are befriended by a person through social media. The scam makes people think that they have money owed to them due to an unclaimed workers comp case.

The Way the Scam is Set Up

The initial contact will be by a scammer who is pretending to be a friend. A message will be sent to you by them saying that you have unclaimed funds from workers compensation. As you are talking to the friend, they will eventually provide a phone number to call so that you can obtain the funds.

After a while, you begin to believe the friend and decide to call the number. After all, it all sounds legit still. However, you will be asked to pay a fee to have the information checked and verified. The friend may even have an official sounding title.

Regardless, as soon as you begin to ask questions, a bit of suspicion starts to set in as soon as the mention of paying a fee before any other information is given. You may even be provided with payment options. You need to realize that if the amount you want is big, then the fee to pay will also be big. A lot of times, the scammer will ask you to have the fee wired or have prepaid methods used.

Consequences of Paying the Scammer

When you decide to send money, they will likely say thank you before disappearing with your payment. They may also ask for you to pay other amounts that are associated with the transaction. The bottom line is that you will not be receiving any money in return.

Steps to Take Against Social Media Scams Involving Workers Compensation

  • Make sure to never send money if you want to obtain money in return. When you are legitimately owed money, there will be no fees to pay.
  • Make sure that you know who is who. This is true when wiring funds or the need for prepaid cards are sent.
  • When the opportunity sounds good, then it is too good. You also need to be aware that making a promise will not result in you obtaining money.

Get In Touch To Find Out More

If you have concerns of being a victim of a workers compensation scam, then you should be in touch with the authorities to investigate the matter. If you have any other needs concerning workers compensation, then you should call us today to go over your case.

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