Tips to Prevent Complications After Joint Reconstruction Surgery

Joint pain significantly affects your quality of life as you find it difficult to complete tasks such as household chores, leisure activities, and physical exercise. Joint reconstruction helps with joint pain and related issues such as muscle stiffness and swelling, and limited motion.

After surgery, you can eventually return to your normal life. Below are some tips to prevent complications after reconstruction surgery.

Prepare for Recovery, Even Before Surgery

It is impossible to prepare for all the complications that could arise after surgery. However, sufficient preparation could help you reduce and address these complications as you recover.

Your orthopedic surgeon assesses your health records and history before the surgery to find out about underlying issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure. The surgeon must understand your medical history because some of the conditions, such as diabetes, could put you at risk of surgery complications.

Let your doctor know about any conditions you think would be important so they can control the underlying conditions and prevent post-surgery complications where possible.

Listen to the Surgeon’s Instructions on Incision Care

After your surgery, the incision is covered with a dressing. The nurse or surgeon usually explains how to care for this wound and how and when you should handle the dressing. Ensure you understand everything the nurse/surgeon says and know who to contact when you need help.

Some signs to look out for include:

  • A persistent fever of more than 110 degrees Fahrenheit increased drainage, and redness of the wound
  • Increased pain during activity and rest
  • Ensure to look at the hospital discharge instructions that are issued by the hospital, as the hospital includes pertinent information here.

Use Assistive Care Devices

Canes, walkers, and crutches are all assistive devices that can help you maintain balance post-surgery. The surgeon will give you relevant instructions on how long to use your walker, cane, or walker. You will also get information on how to work with a physical therapist to reduce your chances of accidents such as falls.

By the time you go for the first post-operation visit to the surgeon, you will likely have made significant improvement and may be using a cane instead of a walker or crutches.

Stick To the Rehab Plan

A rehabilitation plan is crucial to your recovery after joint reconstruction. The focus is on pain alleviation, strength restoration, and function optimization.

A rehabilitation plan also helps with complications such as blood clots, joint stiffness, and swelling. Therefore, the occupational or physical therapist will work hand in hand with you to ensure you follow a plan that incorporates pain management and a series of physical therapy exercises. The program helps you get back to your daily activities faster, so you should follow it to the end.

Eat a Healthy Diet

While thoughts of eating foods such as cake, donuts, and candy as comfort foods post-surgery may excite you, these foods are certainly an unhealthy choice if you want to recover quickly. You need a balanced, healthy diet that promotes your recovery.

For instance, you should drink a lot of water post-surgery as your body contains anesthesia and other medications that may cause dehydration. The more water you drink, the more anesthesia is flushed out of your system. Furthermore, water reduces the risk of constipation, which is a side effect of some pain medications and anesthesia.

You should keep in mind the electrolyte balance of the body. Taking too much water can throw off your electrolyte balance. However, Pedialyte can help balance your hydration.

You can also invest in an anti-inflammatory diet to help reduce inflammation. You can invest in anti-oxidant-rich foods such as pomegranates, beets, and red cherries or a Mediterranean diet that is perfect for reducing inflammation.

When you have joint issues or orthopedic injuries, you need a reliable medical team by your side.  Contact us at Maximum Orthopedics at any of our locations and get the help you need as soon as possible.

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FAQs About Chiropractic Therapy and Workers’ Compensation

If you have never experienced or researched chiropractic care, you might have numerous questions about the practice. In this article, we will address some of the most frequently asked questions about chiropractic therapy and care, and provide accurate and up-to-date information to help you better understand this form of healthcare.

We hope this article will help you make informed decisions about your health and well-being.

What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is a medical profession that focuses on providing treatment to people of any age who have a neuromuscular disorder. Chiropractors use a variety of non-surgical, hands-on approaches to address mechanical issues of the spine and other joints, which reduces the amount of artificial interventions you will need.

The goal is to correct misalignments, reduce pain, and support the body’s natural healing process. A chiropractor will develop a personalized treatment plan to meet individual needs.

Do You Need a Doctor’s Referral to Visit a Chiropractor?

You do not need a referral from a doctor to visit a chiropractor. However, you should consult your doctor before you see one. Some health insurance plans may require a referral from a doctor to visit a chiropractor. In many cases, you can just call and schedule an appointment with a chiropractor without a referral.

Is Chiropractic Care Effective?

Chiropractic treatment has been proven to be an effective method of treating back pain and other spinal conditions. Studies have shown that five to ten chiropractic care sessions over two to four weeks can be just as effective as other treatments, such as medication and exercise. Generally, chiropractic care is gentle and adapted to the individual.

However, ensure your chiropractor is board-qualified and licensed before you seek treatment.

How Often or Long Do I Need to See a Chiropractor?

The length of chiropractic care an individual needs will depend on their goals and needs. After a patient has found the relief they are looking for, many choose to continue with some type of ongoing care to prevent future problems. During your initial consultation with their chiropractor, ask about the estimated treatment plan and how many sessions you might need.

Generally, good chiropractors strive to help their patients as quickly as possible with as few chiropractic treatments as necessary. Follow-up visits may detect problems early on and provide treatment and self-care exercises.

Ultimately, the frequency of visits depends on your lifestyle and stressors, as well as your ability to keep yourself healthy. The chiropractor’s job is to offer the best care possible, while the patient’s job is to decide how much of that care they want.

How Safe is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is a safe treatment option for various neuromusculoskeletal complaints. Misconceptions and coincidences created the association, but research proved that the risk of stroke during an adjustment is only if you were already at risk for a stroke. Furthermore, the risks of chiropractic care are significantly lower than those associated with more traditional treatments like pharmaceutical therapy.

Why Do I Hear Popping Sounds During a Session?

The   popping sound  you might hear during a chiropractic session results from a change in pressure in the joint space, which releases gas bubbles. This same phenomenon happens when you crack your knuckles—the sound is not indicative of the quality of the adjustment. Typically, you will experience minimal discomfort in the production of this popping sound.

A licensed and experienced chiropractor can help you reap the benefits of chiropractic care. They will also work with you to adjust your treatment based on your responses and needs.   Visit us  today at Maximum Orthopedics for more information or to book an appointment.

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The Largest Wworkers Compensation Providers

In 2021, the amount of coverage for workers compensation was more than $52 billion. As a result, the largest workers compensation coverage providers paid out more than $22 billion of that amount. Below, we have listed the largest workers’ compensation providers.

Travelers Insurance

As a global carrier for insurance, they provide a range of insurances and coverages in almost every state. The states where Travelers is not offered include Wyoming, North Dakota, Washington, Alaska, Ohio, and Hawaii. Some of the brands owned by Travelers include USF&G and St. Paul Fire & Marine. Besides a big provider in workers’ compensation, Travelers is also a big provider of property and casualty insurance.

Hartford Insurance

With Hartford, they are able to provide millions of small businesses with insurance coverage. The workers’ compensation includes a medical provider who is a part of a  preferred network.. Hartford also provides several health programs such as pay-as-you-go, prescription drugs, and needle stick reimbursement. All Hartford clients will also obtain program benefits to help keep employees healthy.

AmTrust Financial Insurance

At AmTrust Financial, they provide small business insurance that focuses on workers’ compensation. The coverage provided suits artesans, medical professionals, restaurants, hotels, schools, wholesale stores, and retail establishments.

Zurich Insurance

Also known as Zurich Insurance Group, Zurich Insurance offers many insurance policies within many countries. Their policies covering workers’ compensation  provide a worker with complete access to managed care and programs designed to get workers back to work and recovery services

Chubb Insurance

As a large provider of insurance, Chubb operates nationwide and provides a number of coverages including workers’ compensation. The workers’ compensation covers all business types and any excess to cover losses that are predictable or catastrophic in nature.

Liberty Mutual Insurance

As a global provider of insurance, it is no wonder that Liberty is able to provide workers’ compensation while also assisting employees with medications relating to injuries sustained on the job. They also take the pain out of expenses and allow quality care to be accessed through the provider network they work with.

Liberty Mutual Insurance is also the owner of many other brands of insurance providers such as Golden Eagle, Safeco, and Ironshore.

Berkshire Hathaway

As a huge provider of insurance, such as workers compensation, Berkshire Hathaway offers insurance through their smaller insurance providers like Berkshire Hathaway Homestate. Along with the workers’ compensation, Berkshire also offers assistance with service teams that are in-house and programs designed to help employees return to work. Many popular insurance providers are also under Berkshire, such as Three Insurance and GEICO. There is also Berkshire Hathaway GUARD, which provides SMBs with coverage. Outside of business insurance, Berkshire also provides many other coverages associated with a business.


Having a number of great options for workers’ compensation providers is great and as a business owner you can take advantage of many other coverages that your business would benefit from. If you need any clarification concerning the above providers, give us a call today to go over them.

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What Impacts Workers’ Compensation

Having workers’ compensation is required by law if your business has employees. Having this type of insurance will keep the employees protected in case of any accident or injury taking place at work. If workers’ compensation is not obtained by the employer, then there may be a good amount of repercussions if the company fails to comply, such as being fined daily until compliance is met.

When it comes to your workers’ compensation premiums, there are a few points to keep in mind concerning the premium you pay. By having a clear understanding of each will assist with keeping costs low. Below are the most common things that can have an impact.

The Company’s Experience Modification

This modification is a calculation that the state makes that is based on the history of claims made. This figure includes historical losses that are utilized to have the performance of the company determined.

The average of the industry is 1.0. When it is any higher, then the premiums you pay will be higher.The good thing is that you are able to achieve a lower factor in order to achieve a lower premium seen as a discount. When you’re above 1.0, you will be paying a 10% increase.

Company Payroll

The payroll’s size and employee classification impacts the workers’ compensation premiums directly. In order to be as accurate as possible, a payroll audit needs to be submitted once a renewal of policy is made. If not, then a penalty will be assessed for non-compliance.

When an audit shows that you had a higher  payroll, then the difference will need to be paid to cover the previous revelation. The company may view this as being burdensome, but when the audit is finished, a refund of the premium amount will be provided. Although this may seem attractive, it is a better idea to have the money available whenever you need it.

Decreasing the number of Workers’ Comp Claims

In order to enhance your modification and keep premiums low is to keep the number of workers’ compensation claims down. Regardless of your business, there should be a program in place that helps to prevent work-place injury.

Managing Claims

When a claim is submitted, it can be managed to alleviate the impact on the company. This management can be a game changer. A good example of this is when an injury takes place and the employee returns to work within three days, then the modification will be lower than if there were more than three days involved. When the worker is unable to return to their normal work routine, then they can take on tasks that are lighter than usual while they are recuperating.

If an absence lasts for three days or more, then the modification will be fully impacted, and have a huge effect on the premium payment. It is a good idea to work with the employee’s doctor so that return-to-work can be determined.


When the premiums of workers’ compensation are calculated, the above factors can have a huge influence on it. By keeping on top of the claims and preventing them from happening will ensure that your premium is as low as possible. When you are ready to see how your modification can be impacted, get in touch with us today.

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The Biggest Workers Comp Settlement

A workers´ compensation settlement case can range between a big amount or a small amount that is dependent upon the injury. Of course, when the injury is not significant, then the claimant can expect a small settlement. But when the injury is significant, then the settlement amount could reach into the millions.

Currently, the most that a workers´ comp settlement has been is $10 million, which took place in 2017. The circumstances surround an employee in California who incurred a car accident while driving home late at night after work. The accident caused the individual to sustain a brain injury that took a huge toll on her life, which she would never fully recover from.

The state of California recognized it to be a workers´ comp case due to the fact that her job required her to complete a project that was completed after working hours.

These types of occurrences happen a lot more than what many realize. It may be a surprise as to who is ultimately responsible if an accident like this took place. However, when you have an experienced attorney, figuring out who is liable can be an easy undertaking, which can allow you to be a good candidate for compensation.

When Exceptions Exist

For workers´ comp to pay a settlement, the injury needs to take place while working and be work-related. This means the employee needs to be providing a service to the employer at the time of injury. This does not normally cover when a commute is taking place. Regardless, the injury that occured was due to a project that required the individual to stay late and finish. Due to the circumstances leading up to the accident, the appeal board for workers´ comp allowed the accident and its circumstances to be valid for compensation.

What Entails a Case For Workers´ Compensation

When it comes to workers´ comp, the insurance provider that covers the employer is liable to pay all claims and benefits for workers´ comp. When a settlement is reached, it is to end the legalities in exchange of a monetary amount that is agreed to. The settlement is normally a lump sum that is representative of the amount of medical expenses that can be expected. When the cash settlement is obtained, then the case is closed indefinitely. This is why it is important to have the most experienced attorney working for you so that you reach the highest amount for your injury.

Amount Of Settlement May Vary

As we mentioned, the amount of a settlement may vary and is based heavily on the circumstances and injury type. The $10 million settlement is the biggest workers´ comp settlement to date. Although every cash amount will be different, your attorney can attempt to get the highest amount possible.


When you give us a call today, we will explain the process of representing you for your workers´ comp claim and what to expect. We will explain the various injuries that can be compensable as well as what their amount could be. So give us a call now to get started.

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Can You Still Get Workers Comp if the Company Goes Out of Business

Regardless of what the circumstances are for your employer going out of business, it is important to know if you will still receive workers´ comp after the fact. Of course, the employer is obligated to provide the insurance, but will the benefits continue once the doors close forever?

Below, we take a look at what happens with workers´ comp when the company goes under.

A Separate Payment System

You are in luck when it comes to collecting workers´ comp payment benefits because the employer is not the one who pays it. In fact, the state you live in has a system designed specifically for workers´ compensation that requires an employer to provide coverage to employees, which a private insurer pays. For the insurance coverage to be valid, the employer will need to pay its policy payments either weekly or monthly. However, when the employer stops making payment on the policy, your benefit payments will continue.

So although your employer covers you while working, they are not obligated to pay for your injury benefits. So when the employer becomes bankrupt, the claim that you are collecting on will not be affected

When the Insurance Company Becomes Bankrupt

If your employer is in business but the insurance company who provides workers´ comp benefits becomes bankrupt, then the employer will need to acquire another insurance provider or be willing to provide benefits out of pocket.

Also, your state will help to get the insurance coverage transferred to a different carrier. If anything, the state may continue to provide the insurance coverage as long as the policy is paid. But who supplies that funding?

When the claims cannot be covered by the insurance company, the remaining assets of the company will be used to make payments. When it comes to workers´ compensation, the payout cap is unlimited.

Things To Keep In Mind

Although your workers´ comp benefits will continue if the business closes, you may still experience issues. The first issue is a delay in payments while your claim is being processed. This delay may also occur when the new insurance provider is getting in touch with the employer to fine tune the benefits and job injury..

The other thing to keep in mind is that the benefits will be dependent upon your capability to work again. When your employer is out of business, they may not be able to verify any specifics. You may see conflicts arise which may affect payments.


When a work injury occurs, a workers´ comp claim needs to be filed. You can rest assured that your payments will continue regardless of your employer going out of business. However, if you have any questions regarding this, then you can give us a call now and we will get it all straightened out for you.

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How much of your workers comp settlement can be kept by you

When you have a claim filed for workers´ compensation, the entire process can be very involved. The process can involve a lengthy negotiation and an appeal may take place when an agreement has failed to be reached. Right after you reach a workers´ compensation settlement amount, those involved in your case will all be paid by it. Below, we list who gets what and the amount you get to keep.

Contingency Fees For Your Attorney

When your attorney reaches an agreement for you, you will need to pay their contingency fee that you agreed to. The contingency fee refers to you only paying them in the event that a settlement is awarded to you. An attorney representing you is able to obtain a fee that is as much as 40% of the entire award amount.

You will also need to reimburse your attorney if any payment was made for you by them. These reimbursements would be considered service fees. Prior to signing your contingency agreement, make sure to review its contents closely.

Medical Treatment

Paying for your medical treatment will be the next deduction from your settlement amount. Depending on your case and whether you win, your settlement will be used to pay your medical treatment.

If you were able to pay for your own medical bills, then the amount awarded can be kept by you. However, when your doctor allows postponement of your medical bills, then payment will need to be made. Make sure to talk to your attorney to see about having certain expenses covered. Your attorney may also obtain lower health costs. When this happens, the amount of settlement you keep will increase.

Conditional Medicare Payments

Under Medicare, the agency does not provide medical coverage if workers´ compensation covers an injury. However, when a dispute exists, there may be conditional Medicare payments made. So if the worker is Medicare eligible and they win their appeal, then Medicare will obtain its share from the settlement.

Advance Payments for Permanent Disability

If your work injury results in a permanent disability, then you may obtain an advance through a permanent disability award. In instances where you request the advance, then a fee may need to be paid. The advance will also decrease your settlement amount. It is a good idea to consult with your attorney prior to applying for your advance.

Child Support Judgements

When you have child support payments that need to be caught up on, then you could have a lien placed against your workers´ compensation award if you win. In most cases, child support could receive as much as 25% of a settlement award. Plus, workers´ compensation is calculated as income, so a parent is able to collect a certain amount from a weekly payment.

Amount You Can Keep

With the above circumstances pointed out, the amount you get to keep after everything is considered will vary and depend on different amounts. By consulting with your workers´ compensation attorney, they will be able to calculate a close estimate of how much you will take home. When you contact our office today, we will help get your settlement case started and provide you with an estimate of your settlement before you leave.

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Workers comp fraud warning signs

When an injury occurs in the workplace, the way it is handled may differ between employers. However, when the injury occurs due to a common cause such as a fall, slip, or trip, and repetitive stress, then there may be a potential for fraud.

In fact, fraud involving workers´ compensation is a crime that is always investigated. The type of fraud most common among workers´ compensation is known as claim-related fraud. This type of fraud occurs when a claim is falsely made in order to gain benefits through a false injury that takes place while working. When this fraud is committed, the premiums that the employer pays will become higher, which may cause problems for employers who are truly hurt.

Warning Signs Surrounding Workers´ Compensation Fraud

Although it may be difficult to identify true fraud involving workers´ compensation, a few warning signs exist that an employer needs to recognize.

Beginning of the week Injury

An injury takes place at the beginning or end of the work week on Monday or Friday. Usually, an injury occurring on Friday will be reported on the following Monday morning.

The Injury is Reported Late

An injury is reported several days after the fact with no explanation.

A Change in Employment

If the employee experienced a change in employment, such as being laid off or terminated, then you may see a fraudulent claim come up.

Witnesses are Nonexistent

The employee is unable to present witnesses to the injury and the description does not match up with what caused the injury.

Cannot Reach the Claimant

When trying to contact the claimant, they are difficult to reach.

Providers Seem Suspicious

The medical doctor the employee sees has a suspicious history relating to fraud claims.

General Changes

A claimant has made several changes in the past regarding job, address, or doctor.

Refusing Treatment

When a claimant refuses treatment or a procedure to confirm an injury, then it will likely be fraud involved.

Descriptions are Conflicting

When the report of the injury is different from the employee´s description, then there may be fraud involved.

A Claims History

Several claims have been submitted by the employee that seem suspicious.

Past history has shown that if more than one warning sign exists within a workers´ compensation claim, then fraud may be attempted. It is important to remember that these warnings do not mean true fraud is being committed, they are only indications to be aware of.

If fraud is suspected, then it should be reported to the insurance carrier. That way the claim can be investigated by the authorities. Make sure that there is a sufficient amount of evidence that can back the investigation such as witnesses and being able to recognize when misstatements are made.


Having fraud occur within the workplace can become a nightmare for the employer. It can also impact the way legitimate injuries get handled, which can cause delays. This is why you should get a hold of our office today when you suspect workers’ compensation fraud. We´ll get the fraud investigated and the problem resolved so that you can get back to business as normal.

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Can you still sue after receiving workers comp?

When workers compensation is not provided through an employer, the company is not protected by no-fault laws, which would prevent any lawsuit from coming forward from an injury while working. A lawsuit may also include an employer who does have the insurance. Regardless, the employer will not have complete protection if a lawsuit was to be filed. If the employer does not carry workers compensation insurance, then any type of lawsuit can be filed. The employer with the insurance can only be sued if specific conditions apply.

When an employee is injured while working for a company that has no coverage, then bringing forward a suit is warranted because the employer must cover any lost wages sustained from missing work.  It is important to understand that when a lawsuit is brought forward to an employer, the case will not be considered as a workers compensation lawsuit, but regarding negligence against the employer.

When a negligence claim is filed, the non-insured employer will have difficulty fighting the negligence brought forward by an employee.

When an employee obtains workers compensation, they are still able to sue if gross negligence can be proven. This gross negligence is also a separate lawsuit aside from workers compensation. Plus, if a third party was involved with the cause for the accident, then they too can be sued. When this happens, they are involved with a lawsuit involving a personal injury.

Is Suing Possible Once Settlement Is Made

When the employer has workers compensation, there are no workers compensation settlements. This is covered within the Workers Compensation Act. Under the act, settlements were eliminated for injuries sustained while working. With workers compensation, the insurance only has to pay for the care of the employee and any wages that would be lost if they were out of work while injured. If the employer does not carry the insurance, then a settlement may be sought depending on the case.

When a settlement is sought, then the language involved will usually include the inability for the parties to sue each other. This inability prevents the employee from attempting to obtain a settlement. more compensation than what they were awarded with when a settlement was signed. So, once a settlement is reached and agreed upon, then there is no way to sue after

Usually, settlements are reached after liability is admitted and a certain amount is agreed to be paid to the employee. Although the laws covering no-fault are intended to prevent a suit, the employee can still attempt it.


In order to find out what course of action you should take, it is best to seek an attorney who has experience with workers compensation cases and the laws governing them. When you have been injured on the job and need to find out more information, then you should be in contact with us today. We will go over your options to ensure you receive the most and the best care for your injuries.

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Avoid a workers comp scam on social media

If you have always had a dream of being awarded with a big amount of money from workers compensation, then chances are a scammer will be on the hunt for you. This would be the case if you are befriended by a person through social media. The scam makes people think that they have money owed to them due to an unclaimed workers comp case.

The Way the Scam is Set Up

The initial contact will be by a scammer who is pretending to be a friend. A message will be sent to you by them saying that you have unclaimed funds from workers compensation. As you are talking to the friend, they will eventually provide a phone number to call so that you can obtain the funds.

After a while, you begin to believe the friend and decide to call the number. After all, it all sounds legit still. However, you will be asked to pay a fee to have the information checked and verified. The friend may even have an official sounding title.

Regardless, as soon as you begin to ask questions, a bit of suspicion starts to set in as soon as the mention of paying a fee before any other information is given. You may even be provided with payment options. You need to realize that if the amount you want is big, then the fee to pay will also be big. A lot of times, the scammer will ask you to have the fee wired or have prepaid methods used.

Consequences of Paying the Scammer

When you decide to send money, they will likely say thank you before disappearing with your payment. They may also ask for you to pay other amounts that are associated with the transaction. The bottom line is that you will not be receiving any money in return.

Steps to Take Against Social Media Scams Involving Workers Compensation

  • Make sure to never send money if you want to obtain money in return. When you are legitimately owed money, there will be no fees to pay.
  • Make sure that you know who is who. This is true when wiring funds or the need for prepaid cards are sent.
  • When the opportunity sounds good, then it is too good. You also need to be aware that making a promise will not result in you obtaining money.

Get In Touch To Find Out More

If you have concerns of being a victim of a workers compensation scam, then you should be in touch with the authorities to investigate the matter. If you have any other needs concerning workers compensation, then you should call us today to go over your case.

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